Diesel generator set test completion acceptance

How to check the diesel generator set after completion of the test?

After the completion of the generator set project, whether the rated output power and load carrying capacity meet the design requirements will directly affect the acceptance of the project; in some generator rooms, although the environmental noise is reduced after installation of noise reduction equipment , the output power of the generator set has a certain influence. It is impossible to detect how many generator output powers are lost. The quality of the noise reduction project is based on whether the original design meets the requirements of the contract and what is the reasonable power loss of the generator set. How to extend the service life of the generator and allow the generator to exert its maximum energy, the pre-installation of the diesel generator set is very important. The following are the installation precautions:


The generator set test site must be well ventilated, the generator end should have sufficient air inlets, and the diesel generator set should have a good air outlet. The area of ​​the air outlet should be more than 1.5 times the area of ​​the water tank; the air inlet is not smooth or does not meet the requirements, and there is less air entering the cylinder, which will result in insufficient fuel in the cylinder and carbon deposition, affecting the carrying capacity of the diesel generator set. Similarly, if the exhaust pipe does not meet the requirements, the oxygen content of the air in the equipment room will be reduced, which will result in insufficient fuel in the cylinder, resulting in carbon deposition and affecting the carrying capacity of the diesel generator set.

2. The surrounding area where the generator set test factory is installed should be kept clean, and avoid placing nearby objects that can produce acidic, alkaline and other corrosive gases and steam. Conditional fire extinguishing devices should be configured.

3. For indoor use, the exhaust pipe must be conducted outdoors. The diameter of the pipe must be equal to the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the muffler. The number of elbows connected to the pipe should not exceed 3, so as to ensure the smooth flow of smoke, and the pipe should be Inclining down 5-10 degrees to avoid rainwater injection; if the exhaust pipe is installed vertically upwards, you must install a rain cover. In order to increase the output power of diesel generators, under the condition of certain cylinder capacity and quantity, only the forced entry of more air into the cylinders to fully burn the fuel in the cylinders can increase the average effective pressure of the units. At present, the diesel generator sets adopt turbine boosters. The compressor, which exhausts the diesel generator set, has strict requirements. Once the exhaust is not smooth or the exhaust gas speed does not meet the requirements, the air entering the cylinder will be reduced, which will result in a decline in the load capacity of the diesel generator set.

4. When the generator set tester uses concrete as the basis, it must use a level gauge to measure its level when installing, so that the generator set can be fixed on a level basis. There should be a special shockproof pad or foot bolt between the unit and the foundation.

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