European crystal chandelier's advantage European crystal chandelier with style

There are many kinds of chandeliers. If you want to decorate the noble and generous chandeliers, the European crystal chandeliers are the first choice. The crystal chandeliers are very popular among consumers. A typical European crystal chandelier with a Chinese and Western heritage is elegant and solemn. You can create a gorgeous atmosphere, then what are the advantages of European crystal chandeliers and the style of European crystal chandeliers, to understand the friends come and decorate the home network to understand!


First, the advantages of European crystal chandeliers

1, the advantage of European crystal lamp, European lamp pays attention to the symmetrical space beauty, if you only paint the tiger in the classical style, it will inevitably destroy its grades, and it will be ruined by the upstarts. The reason why the style of European lamps is enduring is that it is based on a reasonable and symmetrical proportion. Many people often have the illusion that classicism is a golden glory, that is, a lot of decoration. The essence of European lamps is not like this. The beauty of European lamps is reflected in the details of the processing is a classic tempered by history, so the European crystal lamp gives people a strong cultural atmosphere.

2, the importance of editing European crystal lamp because it can bring a graceful and fashionable atmosphere to the room, is loved and purchased by many consumers, although more types, more styles of lighting into the market, like a pair To compete with the crystal lamp, but more high-tech technology makes the crystal lamp lighter, more suitable for modern home decoration, coupled with the advancement of crystal cutting technology, the crystal lamp becomes more modern The lines and magnificent shapes of the senses have become a highlight of the modern living room, and the luxury and elegance it represents cannot be replaced.


Second, European style crystal chandelier style match

1, classical style classic style home is elegant and rich in color, mostly in white, gold, yellow, dark red. And sometimes it will be doped with a small amount of white softness, this color will look bright and generous, making the whole space seem to give people an open, tolerant, atmospheric atmosphere.

2, rustic style furniture and lighting, rural style pays attention to the performance of nature, English garden furniture is characterized by gorgeous fabric, handmade, most of its flowers are small floral, striped, Scottish And the English style furniture is always our eternal theme. For the lamps, our lamps, whether it is chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, cloth covers, should be matched with it, this is the most important. The French pastoral style is mainly characterized by the whitewashing of the furniture. All the treatments on our lamps, the shades should use some large areas of white, so do not want to be broken. Mediterranean-style Mediterranean style furniture and lighting.

3, the Mediterranean style mostly with gray walls, arches, sea blue roof tiles, or doors and windows as the main, and with the mosaic on the wall, will give people a kind of atmospheric dignity, and the feeling of color jumping for its lighting If the lamp is equipped with a Mediterranean style, the color should first be careful not to jump too much. It should be mainly heavy color, and most of its lamps should be slightly higher in height and height, higher in height, and matched with it. In terms of glass material, it can be slightly matched with a glass with brighter colors. It can be matched with the mosaic on the wall, which is better.

The importance of the European crystal chandelier and its style match are introduced here today, I hope to help friends, if you want to know more about the decoration information, then please continue to pay attention to our decoration home network.

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