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The balcony is not strange to us. It is also a place where every family needs to be renovated, but it is often not overlooked, and many people do not know how to decorate when they are renovated. Faced with such problems are very headaches. Then what should you pay attention to when decorating the balcony? Today, the Xiaobian of the decoration home network will come to see the home decoration balcony skills and balcony decoration precautions! Hope to help the friends who are decorating.


Home improvement balcony tips

First, the balcony and the living room are opened, which can expand the available space of the living room, and at the same time install the floor-to-ceiling windows to separate from the outside, and also obtain better privacy and decorative effects.

Second, the balcony becomes a study room. Because the indoor area of ​​the small apartment is small, there is usually no separate study room. If the balcony is connected to the living room, the balcony can become a new study.

Third, the balcony becomes a storage room. If the balcony is connected to the kitchen, it is best to have a locker in the corner of the balcony for storing vegetables and fruits or items that are not commonly used.

Fourth, the balcony becomes a washroom. The so-called balcony is turned into a washroom. It is not to wash your face here, but to clean the rag, wash the mop, dry clothes and other household chores from the bathroom or kitchen to the balcony.

Fifth, the balcony becomes a leisure area. As an extension space for indoors and outdoors, the balcony is a place where the owner gets rid of the indoor enclosed environment, breathes fresh air outside, and enjoys the relaxation of the sun. Therefore, some green plants can be planted on the balcony. The flower is good, not only decorating the wall, but also conducive to good health.

Home improvement balcony design points

Double balcony decoration is divided into primary and secondary. Double balconies should be separated from the primary and secondary, and should not be treated as "one person." The balcony adjacent to the living room and master bedroom is the main balcony, which is mainly for leisure. In terms of the use of decorative materials, it is also not much different from the living room. The more commonly used materials are laminate wood.

Floors, floor tiles, etc., if the closure is done well, you can also lay carpets. Interior wall latex paint is generally used on walls and items, and the variety and style should match the living room and master bedroom. The secondary balcony is generally adjacent to the kitchen or to the living room and the room outside the main bedroom. Secondary balcony function

Mainly storage, washing and so on. Therefore, when the balcony is renovated, it is not necessary to be packaged, the floor should be waterproof and non-slip floor tiles, and the exterior and walls should be painted with exterior walls. In order to facilitate storage, several lockers can be placed on the secondary balcony for storage.

The curved top is chic and generous. If the balcony is large and located on the top floor, it should belong to the "terrace". A transparent curved ceiling can be added to the balcony to make this balcony a room.

Open a chic study on the balcony. The balcony is closed with glass and wood into a small study room. The green leaves outside the window seem to be within reach, allowing nature and the living room to blend in the small space of the balcony.


Balcony decoration precautions

1, balcony decoration, pay attention to safety

The balcony is a place where the indoor area extends outwards. It does not have the same weight-bearing function as the indoor space. Therefore, the weighing capacity of the balcony itself is not high compared to the indoor area in the design of the house, so when the balcony is renovated Be sure to pay attention to the carrying capacity of the balcony. Generally speaking, the load capacity of the ordinary household balcony is not more than 400 kg per square meter. Therefore, the load should not be exceeded when the storage is installed, and the heavy furniture should be placed as little as possible to avoid danger. .

2, balcony decoration attention to use

Now every household has a balcony, basically a balcony for one household, so there will be a main balcony in the design of ordinary houses. When decorating the balcony, we must first understand the main points of the balcony, and clearly define the balcony according to the needs of life. use. The balcony adjacent to the living room and the master bedroom is the main balcony. The function can be mainly for leisure and fitness. It can be installed as a gym, tea room, etc. The decorative materials on the wall and the floor should also be consistent with the living room; the secondary balcony is generally in the kitchen or The living room and the room other than the main bedroom are adjacent to each other, mainly for storage, washing, or as a study room. It can be simpler when decorating.

We can't ignore the decoration of the balcony. It is the best choice to learn to use every square meter of space. The above is the home improvement balcony technology and balcony decoration precautions introduced for you today. I want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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