How to choose high quality waterproof material? Identify the five major points of waterproof material

First, check the security code

It is the most direct and effective method of identification. Although counterfeiters may also set up inquiries and inquiry barcodes, some well-known brands of waterproof coatings have a product authenticity inquiry system on their official website. The authenticity search code cannot be imitated and can only be queried once. . In addition, it can also communicate with customer service on the official website to inquire and search for SMS messages.

Second, check the external packaging

General well-known brand products have certain requirements for product packaging. Exquisite external packaging not only represents the corporate image, but also promotes the product to some extent. The genuine packaged waterproof coating has a vivid color, clear and unclear handwriting, and the specification indicates the production date, service life, name, and origin.

Three, weighing

At present, many of the waterproof coatings on the market will have some differences in weight from the weights indicated on the barrels. Consumers can weigh on the spot at the time of purchase to avoid being smeared.

Fourth, smell discrimination

Currently, the two-component cement-based waterproof paste on the market is more stable than the one-component water-repellent material, and secondarily, the quality of the liquid material in the high-quality waterproof paste has a slight odor. On the contrary, poor quality waterproof paint will have strong and pungent odor.

Fifth, check the waterproof effect

Take the polymer waterproof material as an example, the genuine product can remove the rubber from the wall and floor with a knife, and the fold will not be broken. Many counterfeit and counterfeit products are in powder form and are difficult to remove from the wall.

How to choose high quality waterproof material?

1, pay attention to whether the product is a regular manufacturer qualified products. The waterproof coating on the market is now mixed, and the quality varies greatly. Leibang Shi family waterproof experts recommend that the owners should purchase the qualified products from the regular manufacturers. In general, products purchased from large-scale building materials markets or regular retailers are usually equipped with anti-counterfeiting queries to verify the authenticity of the product. In addition, the owner needs to see the production date and shelf life and avoid buying expired products.

2. Buy a waterproof coating suitable for home waterproofing. There are many kinds of waterproof paints, and the price is different. An amateur's business owner is vulnerable to buying a product that is not suitable for home waterproofing. Mainstream home waterproof coatings are polymer cement-based waterproof coatings, which are easy to construct, dry and fast, and have good waterproof performance. The most important is environmental protection and non-toxic, and does not pollute the family environment.

3. The quality of the waterproof coating can be judged from the liquid material gas. The mainstream waterproof coating is two-component, and its performance is more stable than one component. In general, the quality of the liquid paint of high-quality waterproof paint is very light, and the smell of poor water-proof paint is strong and pungent.

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