How to judge the quality of the mold

[ Jiuzhi Plastics Net ] Today, the use of extrusion dies is very common. If you do not notice the quality when using it, it will seriously affect the normal use of the extrusion dies. In order to make the mold get good use, the following provides a specific method for judging the quality of the extrusion die, and hopes to help the relevant companies.
First, look at the thickness of this mold, although the mold does not need to be used too much or other harsh environments, but because of the many mold release, the mold is very easy to wear, deform, destroy, but The fundamental way to solve this problem is to thicken the thickness of the mold, so the thickness can clearly distinguish the grade of the mold.
Second, look at the standard of the extrusion die, a good mold can control the size of the extruded plastic product produced in the error of a few millimeters, and the inferior mold often produces a product error of a few millimeters or even A few centimeters.
Third, look at the material and workmanship of the whole mold. A good mold should be very smooth on both sides. It looks shiny and has a delicate hand. The inferior mold may have burrs or pits on the surface. It is to stand tall.

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