Rotary vane vacuum pump parameters

[Asia Fluid Network News] rotary vane vacuum pump mainly by the pump, rotor, rotary vane, end caps, springs and other components. A rotator is eccentrically mounted in the cavity of the rotary vane pump, the outer circumference of the rotor is tangent to the inner surface of the pump cavity (both have a small gap), and two rotary vanes with springs are arranged in the rotor slot. Rotation, by centrifugal force and the tension of the spring so that the top of the rotary vane and the inner wall of the pump chamber to maintain contact with the rotor rotation of the rotary vane slide along the wall. Rotary vane vacuum pump parameters for the study of this product is significant. Rotary vane vacuum pump Rotary vane vacuum pump for the direct series two-stage series rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum pump suction rate: 4 liters per second, the ultimate vacuum pump 6 × 10-2pa limit means that the suction port is not connected to the container directly measured Vacuum, the actual degree of vacuum varies according to field use, vacuum pump oil 0.55mI, pump oil temperature rise 45 ℃, 2XZ-4 vacuum pump motor power 0.55KW, speed 1450r / min, the noise of about 70 decibels, size Length: 518mm, width: 148mm, height: 227mm, 2XZ-4 vacuum pump weight 30Kg. Rotary vane vacuum pump market price in 1400-1600 or so, the price of each manufacturer is not the same, the small factory workers relatively large units work more poorly, the vacuum pump work poor vacuum is felt lower, small units can only Reduce costs, temptation to price to attract users, large companies in order to safeguard their own image, the quality of the pump is relatively secure, after-sales service is also guaranteed than small companies, the price will be slightly higher A point, a share of the price of goods is justified. Rotary vane vacuum pumps are one of the basic devices used to evacuate sealed containers. It can be used alone, but also as a booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump and other foreline pump to maintain the pump, titanium pump pre-pumping. Can be used for electric vacuum device manufacturing, thermos bottle manufacturing, vacuum welding, printing, plastic, refrigeration equipment repair and instrumentation and so on. Because of the rotary vane vacuum pump has the advantages of small size, light weight, low sound operation, it is more suitable for use in the laboratory. In the ambient temperature range of 540, the inlet pressure less than 1.3X103 Pa conditions allow long-term continuous operation, was pumping gas relative humidity greater than 90%, should open the town valve. Air inlet continuous flow of air can not exceed a minute. Rotary vane vacuum pumps are not suitable for pumping off gases that are corrosive to metals, chemically contaminated with pump oil and contain particulate dust, as well as highly oxygenated, explosive and poisonous gases. Different types of vacuum pumps have different parameters reflect, to learn more about the data, not only to provide users with a better experience, but also to promote the development of related industries. The industry for more relevant parameters to do more research and exploration. Related Article: 2x-70 Rotary Vane Pump 2x-8 Rotary Vane Pump

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