Shortage of safety awareness should be completed as soon as possible

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“What is a job for? It is definitely for pursuing a better life. However, if you are rushing to work and cause an accident and you have no life, then nothing else can be said.” For safety production, the NPC deputies, Guo Yanling, a researcher of agricultural technology extension at the grasslands station in Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, observed very much. Recently, Guo Yanling talked about two safety stories that touched her.

Unprecedented electric car

From the rural to the urban road, Guo Yanling is quite worried about some means of transportation: What was previously worried about is a convertible tricycle or a four-wheeled vehicle full of people. “Only people carrying goods are illegally carrying people, and even the most basic safety protection. There are no measures." The most worried about recently is the fast-moving electric car. “If you drive too fast, you don’t abide by the traffic rules, making it hard for people to guard against.”

Just last winter, Guo Yanling's colleague drove to work. An electric car ran into the car from the rear when it was ready to enter the unit's gate. People who ride electric cars fly quickly in the rush, and people fly far away when they crash. After being taken to the hospital, the doctor said that fortunately people who ride electric cars wore helmets, or the consequences could be disastrous.

"Electric cars are inexpensive and easy to use, and many migrant workers are willing to use them." Guo Yanling said that migrant workers work in cities and most of the vehicles are electric vehicles.

According to the current traffic regulations, motorcyclists must examine the motorcycle driver's license, must pass safety education, understand the basic traffic rules, and master the riding skills. “The speed of electric vehicles on urban roads is not low, but they do not need to obtain relevant documents. Cyclists sometimes do not even understand the basic rules of traffic safety.” Guo Yanling believes that the safety supervision of electric vehicles should be strengthened.

An electric heater

Many unexpected accidents seem accidental, but they are inevitable. Guo Yanling spoke of an accident that happened with her friend.

Because of the low temperature in the home, this friend uses electric heaters at home. One day, because of the power outage in the area, she went out to play cards without turning off the electric heater switch, and no one was left at home. Before long, she received a phone call: The family had a fire. It turned out that the electric heater was placed close to the bed by her. After the electricity was turned on, the electric heater ignited the sheet for a long time and caused a big fire. After the fire was extinguished, people found that a teacher and his children had fallen in the corridor and had already died. Experts analyzed that if this father and son stay indoors, blocking doors and windows, there may be hope for survival.

“What a pity! A family is broken like this, and how to make compensation can hardly erase the pain caused to the loved ones by the accident.” Guo Yanling said with emotion: “The lack of security awareness and the lack of security knowledge have led to this tragedy. Shortcomings in the weak awareness of social security should be filled as soon as possible."  

This data from "China Work Safety News" edition March 6, 2018 4.

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