Ultra-low chain electric hoist - Jiangsu Suzhou by electric hoist to improve production conditions | improve efficiency

Ultra-low chain electric hoist - Jiangsu Suzhou by electric hoist to improve production conditions | improve efficiency

    Ultra-low electric chain hoist, also known as low headroom chain hoist, is Longhai run a easy to use, simple operation lifting equipment. The electric chain hoist is also one of the best equipment to improve working conditions and improve labor efficiency.

    Ultra low chain electric hoist features: handling small tanks

1,   Ultra-low chain electric hoist is small in size, light in weight, low in consumption and fast in braking; permanent magnet lifter

2,   The housing of the low clearance air-chain electric hoist in a semi-open state can be installed at different angles, and the installation and disassembly are convenient;

3,   Ultra-low chain electric hoist motor is high-efficiency, light and low-cost, high-quality performance; heavy goods carrier

4,   Low headroom chain hoist and a combination of a motor car 2 from the host.

Use of ultra-low chain electric hoist : claw jack

This product is highly effective in low clearance environment, which can greatly narrow the distance between heavy objects and beams. It is also suitable for warehouses, docks, construction industry and modern production lines, especially for places with small space. .

    Longhai lifting sales of low clearance chain electric hoist after-sales quality: perfect service, after-sales professional, you can ask for free replacement parts or the whole machine during the warranty period, users can rest assured to buy.

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'Ultra low chain electric hoist - Jiangsu Suzhou by electric hoist to improve production conditions | improve efficiency

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